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Have you ever wondered why the Children of Israel were so inconsistent in serving God and following His Laws? If you are like me, you have often thought that you would never be so stupid. And yet, as Forest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

I find myself as inconsistent and faithless as anyone in the Bible. Some days I am totally engulfed in the pursuit of God’s presence and love. And other days I don’t seem to pay much attention to God at all. I could try to blame Satan for my lapses but, as we will see, that is not the whole truth. Satan is our tempter. But I am the sinner. I find the world’s ideas and pleasures appealing, and I pursue them even though I know better. I listen to Satan’s lies because they entice me. I pay too much attention to doing what he suggests. I allow him to cause me to doubt God and His Word.

I read how God parted the Red Sea for His people, fed them with manna and quail for decades. Even supplying them with water from a rock. And the Hebrews rejoiced at God’s goodness. But it never failed that eventually, they grumbled about their conditions, made for themselves idols, and broke His commandments.

I think, “I would never do that. I would never be that foolish.” But if I were to read the story of my life, I am as guilty, foolish, and sinful as the Hebrews were.

The fact is that there is a battle raging inside of me.
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