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HUNTED - Book 4

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Book 4 of the 1st Chronicles of the Gibborim

This will be a trilogy mixing the Biblical and Historical records with a fanciful story about the years between Prince Solomon's birth and his being crowned as the King of Israel.

Here are the ancient and secret chronicles of the life and times of Solomon, Israel's greatest King. He left a legacy of wealth and achievement that the Bible records. But he also left a secret legacy only now being told. What if King David's Mighty Men were more than just his bodyguard? What if they developed into a secret warrior society sworn to serve the God of Israel and defend the King, so long as that King was a godly man? And what if the Crown Prince Solomon, King David's son, and heir, was secreted away by this secret society, the Gibborim, to save his life... and to prepare him to be the great King he would one day become? The story of these things is recorded in the Chronicles of the Gibborim. The First Chronicle focuses on Prince Solomon, also known as Jedidiah, and the plot to murder him before he could become King. It also tells of his mother's, Queen Bathsheba's, flight from assassins with her other sons. The royal family had to somehow survive murderers and assassins, traitors in the Royal Palace and in the Army of Israel, and powerful rebellion within the kingdom. But there are powerful divine forces at work. The mystical Shalosh are three specially gifted and empowered Gibborim warriors who fight for the royal family against overwhelming odds. A powerful Prophet is guided by God and His Word in miraculous ways. And there are new friends, even Giants, who will risk their lives for the cause of God's Chosen.
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