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Satan and his demons are the thieves of the verse on the book cover. And while he may not look like a thief, it is a lie and a disguise. Satan is aware of what is in store for him when God judges the world and pours out His wrath. Satan’s destiny is the Lake of Fire. In the end, he loses everything. But until then, he works hard to convince as many people as possible to follow him. For those who do it means death, destruction, and the loss of all of God’s blessings.

The only reason Satan troubles us with temptation is to steal from, kill, and destroy us. Without our acquiescence, he is powerless. But he is shrewd, and his tricks are enticing. Therefore, most people have been, and still are, unwittingly complicit in their own destruction.

The purpose of this book is to highlight Satan’s tactics and the weapons he uses against us. We are in a battle with Satan for our souls. If we are not watchful and do not fight, we will lose. But if we fight---in the proper way---God guarantees our victory. God’s way is the right way, the only way to defeat Satan. We will look at that too.
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