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Bill's Failing Liver

Since I mentioned in my BIO that I am on a Liver Transplant list I thought I would add a little more detail here. As you can imagine, my faulty liver is on my mind a lot. I have been on the list for nearly 4 years now.

What I have is cirrhosis of the liver caused by decades of living with a Fatty Liver. My condition is not due to alcohol abuse. If anything, it is a genetic condition with a little help from too much good food!

The doctors say that anyone who is under 50 years old with an "A" blood type is a potential donor. The size of the donated liver is a consideration too. So, it is probable that only a man will have a liver large enough for my use. Otherwise, I await a deceased donor.

Since I am a Veteran, the VA is handling all the costs of this operation, both for me and for anyone wishing to donate a portion of their healthy liver. That includes medical screening, travel to and from the hospital (which is in Madison, WI), surgery, and follow-up care. The typical recovery time for a live donor is 4-8 weeks. There is quite a scar to be aware of, but once recovered, it is the only evidence of what happened.

Human livers grow back quickly and work as normal. I will be on anti-rejection drugs for the rest of my life but I am willing! I look forward to when I can drive again, I get my appetite back, I can think clearly, and am no longer weak, dizzy, and fatigued. I also look forward to going back to work so my loving, long-suffering wife can finally retire.

The University of Wisconsin has a 100% success rate with donors and a 95+% success rate for recipients.

Shameless Appeal!! If you are interested in learning more or even volunteering to donate, please email me ( I only mention it here because you never know who might read it and wish to save a life.